Another Refugee from Blogger

After more than three years of posting with blogspot ,  I have finally resigned myself to making the move to wordpress.   The last six months on blogspot have been one frustrating experience after another …widgets that appeared and disappeared seemingly at their own discretion, posts that just evaporated somewhere between the preview and the publish process, and the latest and final straw …blogspot won’t allow me to sign in at all.   When I try, it throws me to my wildblue login page.  I give up. 

Several of my friends, followers and acquaintances in the blogosphere ditched Blogger for WordPress months ago …and strongly suggested that I do the same.  Well, sometimes I’m slow to convince but here I am.  For now.  But if I even begin to experience the same issues with WordPress, I will just give up blogging altogether.  So be warned, WordPress …be nice or I be gone!

2 comments on “Another Refugee from Blogger

  1. Randy Vickery says:

    So you start blogging again and don’t tell me?? FK

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