Slow Progress

The barn guy (hereafter referred to as Floyd because that’s actually his name and because it’s a whole lot fewer keystrokes to type than ‘the barn guy’) called me Monday afternoon and asked if they could go ahead and start my barns this week.  Yippee …a project schedule that gets moved up instead of moved back!  I said sure! 

I was home by 5:00pm and Floyd and his two helpers proceeded to stake out the stall barn where I told them I wanted it.  One minor change that came up that day is that Floyd wrote down 24×30 and 20×24 or my dimensions (instead of 20×30 and 20×20) …so that was what he figured when he did the quote.  I was happy with the final number so I was real happy to find out I was getting some extra elbow room for my money.  Works for me!  I was so excited to think I would have both barns in place by the end of the month instead of just starting to build them at the end of the month.

But by 8:00pm, they had staked and re-staked and re-staked again the one stall barn and couldn’t seem to get it square.  Floyd knows what he’s doing but his helpers were new to him and weren’t really taking direction well.  He told me when they left, he would re-stake it himself the next morning and not to worry, the barn would be square when it was finished.  I told him it sure would or he’d have to start over.  He laughed kind of nervous like but I wasn’t laughing.  One of our barns at our last place was home-made by the previous owners and not square and it was a booger to work on. 

When I got home Tuesday evening, the stall barn was staked AND square and it only took them one try and about 45 minutes to stake the hay barn.  Progress.  All of the materials were delivered today, but there’s been no other progress.  They were packed up and gone when I got home at 4:45, so I called Floyd to see how it was going.  He said they were bringing a bobcat with an auger Thursday morning and would punch all twenty-one holes for the uprights.  He figured three holes per hour (heavy clay in places) so that will be an all day job.  When they come back Friday, they’ll have traded the bobcat for a fork lift so they can move the materials and set the poles in the holes.  Concrete will be poured Saturday and they should start on the roof on Monday. 

As a side note and a favor to me, Floyd offered to use the forklift to move my new squeeze chute into place in one of the bays in the new stall barn.  That’s a big relief to me.  I was wondering just how I was going to accomplish that! 





2 comments on “Slow Progress

  1. Stephen says:

    Great news. That’s what I need…a squeeze chute. Not sure why but I’d like to own one for, well, you just never know. I’d paint my new squeeze chute red. Or maybe blue, but not white. Have a nice day, my sweet friend.

  2. horsenmule says:

    This one is green, Stephen …I saw some red ones for sale, some blue, some rust (not the original color …ha!) but this one was the best deal. It’s really a neat piece of equipment. It is now safely tucked into one of the end bays on my stall barn. The poles are up and set in concrete. Next week, the roof goes on. Can’t wait!

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